Smtyle Gold Minimalist Candlestick Holders Set of 5 Simple and Stylish Holders for Taper Candles and Candlesticks

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  • Classic Gold Design: Our Metal Taper Candle Holders Set of 5, gold, features a classic black design, providing an exceptional display for your candles.
  • For Taper Candles: These candle holders are specifically designed for taper candles, accommodating various standard sizes.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality metal, these candle holders are sturdy and durable, offering stable support for your candles.
  • Sleek and Elegant: With their minimalist gold design, these candle stick holders create a sleek and elegant atmosphere.
  • Set of 5: Each set includes 5 gold candlestick holders, allowing you to use and pair them in different settings.

The Brand Story of Candle Holders

Our journey began with a focus on flameless candles, an innovation that redefined the traditional candle experience. As we delved into the world of candle decor, we recognized the need for uniquely designed candle holders to complement our distinctive candles. This realization inspired us to embark on the creative journey of designing a series of candle holders that seamlessly pair with our candles.

At Smtyle, we are unwavering in our commitment to originality, rejecting imitation and plagiarism. We firmly believe that it is only by forging our own path that we can achieve the pinnacle of excellence. Join us on this artistic voyage as we continue to illuminate homes with the perfect synergy of flameless candles and uniquely designed candle holders.

Gold candlesitck holders

Taper candle is often placed on the table together with the candlestick holder. Taper candle is different from other cylindrical candles. It is too thin and too long, and it is difficult to stand firmly on the table without burning the bottom. The taper candle holder not only stabilize the taper candle,but also serves as a decoration.

Gold taper candle holders

You can use candlestick holder in a lot of occasions or christmas decor, when birthday party for instance, when family dinner party, when holding a wedding, use them to adorn a room, shows romantic emotional appeal, bring different atmosphere and mood.

Gold candle sitck holders

On the bottom of the base we have added a protective pad to prevent scratching the tabletop and slipping.


The surface of the black candlestick holder adopts black paint technology,so there is no need to worry about rust.