Product Manual

Remote Control Instruction


Turn on the power switch first . Press "ON/OFF" button to turn the candle on/off.


When the set of 3 classy flameless flickering candles' light is on,press 2H/4H/6H/8H to set the candle burning time for 2/4/6/8 hours. Once the time is set,the flameless candle' light automatically turns off after 2/4/6/8 hours each day when you do nothing any more.


Candle--to get steady light and press "Light" to get the flickering light

Note:There are two settings: candle and light.candle mode: flickering light and the plastic "flame" not move;

light mode: steady light and the plastic "flame" moves. (The DIM should press+ to the biggest.)

Adjust the brightness

Press"+" is Increase, Press"-" is weaken;