Window Candle Safety

A recent Electrical Safety Foundation survey found that over 86% of Americans decorate their homes for winter holiday parties. Nearly two-thirds of these people use electric lights for indoor decorations, and more than half use lighting decorations outside their homes. Additionally, more than 60% use at least one extension cord. Electrical failures or malfunctions are factors in two-thirds of holiday fires. To stay safe and minimize risks while enjoying a wonderful holiday season, consider using LED candles.

Unlike traditional candles, battery-powered LED candles are flameless, eliminating the risk of igniting other items. These electronic candles are also controlled by remote, allowing you to extinguish them with a simple press of the "off" button from a distance.

During the holiday season, you can place these flameless candles in the bedroom, dining room, or on windowsills without worrying about them being blown out by the wind, melting, or being difficult to clean. LED candles offer a safe, convenient, and worry-free way to create a festive atmosphere.

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