White Flameless Candles for Home Decor

Realistic and beautiful, when you first look at the candles in this picture, you will certainly feel this way. These electronic candles are easy to match with furniture, so if you like electronic candles, you must have one. Here are some questions and answers you might have. I believe you will be interested in these LED candles after reading them.

1. Do these lights need to be turned off or can they remain on?

Answer: These flameless candles have a cycle timer function. You can set them to be on for 6 hours at a time (you can also choose 2/4/8 hours). Without turning them off manually, they will light up at the same time each day for 6 hours. LED candles are safe, and there is no risk of accidents from lit items.

2. Do these lights flicker? Is there a way to turn off flickering?

Answer: Considering that some people cannot accept flickering light, this candle's wick is fixed. However, you can make the light flicker using the remote control.

3. Does the remote turn all candles on at once, or does it turn candles on individually?

Answer: All our store's candle remote controls are universal. One remote control can manage all our LED candles, with a remote distance of about 6-7 feet.

4. What type of replacement batteries do these flameless candles use?

Answer: These electronic candles use 2 AA batteries, which are not included with the LED candles.

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