Some Questions About LED Candles

Q1: What are the dimensions, and are these flameless candles scented? 

A: The dimensions are 3x3 inches, and these candles are not scented.

Q2: Is this candle made of wax and can it be used outdoors? 

A: Yes, the appearance is wax, which looks more realistic compared to plastic. The melting point is 50 degrees, so it is not recommended to place them outdoors.

Q3: What color is "warm white"? More like ivory, yellow, or tan?

 A: The candlelight color is warm yellow, the same color as shown in the picture above. It creates a warm feeling.

Q4: Does the base of the candle light up or just the wick? 

A: The base also lights up. It's really pretty.

Q5: Are batteries included? 

A: Sorry, only the remote control includes batteries. The candle itself does not include batteries, so you need to prepare two AA batteries.

Q6: What is the remote control distance? Does this candle have any other features?

 A: The remote control distance is approximately 6 to 10 feet. The candles can be timed (2/4/6/8 hours). For example, if you set the timer at 5:00 PM today for 2 hours, it will automatically light up at 5:00 PM tomorrow. You can also adjust the brightness and choose whether the candle flickers, which is convenient for people who do not prefer flickering light.

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