Light Up the Pumpkin Lantern, Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is coming, an important traditional holiday that celebrates autumn, honors the dead, and prays for peace. Legend has it that on this night, various ghosts and monsters will disguise themselves as children to blend in with the crowd to celebrate Halloween, while humans dress up as various ghosts and monsters to make the atmosphere more harmonious. During Halloween, there are many activities for both adults and children to enjoy the festival.

Before the holiday, in addition to preparing your scary lines and the candy that children love, you also need to prepare the essential pumpkin lanterns for home decoration. Pumpkin lanterns are the iconic symbol of Halloween. There is usually a pumpkin patch event during Halloween, often held by farms, with pumpkins everywhere. It’s a spectacular sight, perfect for photos, and includes many games and activities for children. Before Halloween arrives, use pumpkins and other scary items to decorate the inside and outside of the house. Place candles inside the pumpkins, creating a spooky atmosphere at night.

However, burning candles inside pumpkins can damage them. To save costs and protect the environment, you can use electronic candles. This way, it's not only safe but also allows you to reuse the pumpkins and candles for next Halloween.

Then, you can fully enjoy Halloween night. For example, you can host a party and invite your friends to join in the fun.

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