Halloween Black Flameless Flickering Candles

Halloween, celebrated every November 1st, is a significant traditional festival. To embrace the spirit of Halloween, households decorate their homes in advance to create a festive atmosphere. Halloween's theme revolves around horror and eeriness, with black and orange as the primary colors. Orange symbolizes fire and the autumn season, representing harvest, while black signifies darkness, enhancing the spooky ambiance. Pumpkins and black candles are key decorations for this day, making the choice of a good black electronic candle essential. Electronic candles are safe, allowing you to enjoy the festival fully immersed.

Our black flameless candles are made of wax with water ripple textures, offering a more realistic and attractive appearance than those with plastic exteriors. The wick comes in two options: blade type and 3D wick, allowing you to choose based on your preference. These black LED battery-powered candles can be controlled remotely, enabling you to adjust the brightness and set timers. You can set a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, and if not turned off, the candles will light up at the same time each day.

Enjoy a safe and festive Halloween with our beautiful and realistic black flameless flickering candles.

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