Excellent Pillar Candles

(Some buyers' views on this candle)

Q: What do you think of this flat top ivory electronic candle?

A1: I have been searching for a short pillar candle with a remote, multiple-hour timer, and that takes regular batteries! These meet all those requirements. I detest those small flat CR batteries that most short or small candles take—they are expensive and don’t last long. These fit perfectly in many of my candle holders where a tall pillar won’t work. I didn't think I would like the exposed flame, but lit up at night in a glass candle holder, they look amazing. I like these more than my other pillars and went through a box of six in no time. We'll see how well they hold up and how long the batteries last, but after several weeks, they are still my favorites.

A2: Love this little candle and its remote control operation. It looks just as authentic as the higher-priced battery-operated candles I own.

A3: I purchased the 3-pack and loved them so much that I bought the 6-pack. Let me tell you, they are the best candles! I put them in my bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room. The price is affordable, and the candles don't look cheap at all! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

A4: Beautiful candles with a warm, flickering faux flame. They arrived quickly, and the Amazon batteries I purchased are lasting way longer than I expected. I have them on my front porch for 4 hours every evening. I started using them on Halloween, and they're still going strong! Love them!

If interested, you can click the link below to purchase: Ivory Flat Top Flameless Candles

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