Bye,real candles!

Bye,real candles!

Candles are indispensable in our life, in the old days when electricity was not so popular, it was real wax candles that accompanied us through countless dark nights, long cold winters, it was real wax candles that gave us light and warmth and accompanied the life and development of mankind.

However, the wax candles bring us convenience at the same time, but also brought us trouble, such as black smoke, candles burning is produced black smoke, long in this environment, is not conducive to our health, and black smoke will also pollute the air, not environmentally friendly. In addition to producing black smoke accidents, there are safety hazards - fire. According to data, in the past 10 years, the United States candle fires are on the rise. 11600 candle fires occurred in 1997, 156 people died in candle fires, 1202 people injured, direct economic losses of $171 million, is more than twice the 5460 candle fires in 1990, but also more than 8840 in 1995 and 9930 in 1996. Candle fires accounted for 11% of home fires in 1980 and 1990, but by 1997 candle fires accounted for 29% of home fires. Candle fires occur mainly in December, the month of "Christmas"; twice as often as in other months. Forty-three percent of candle fires each year are caused by decorating interiors. Almost every place where candles are used has had a fire, large or small, caused by burning candles, which has caused a lot of damage to our lives. Candle fires are on the rise.

How can we avoid the disadvantages of black smoke and fire hazards without compromising our ability to enjoy the romantic warmth that candle light brings? The answer is: electronic candles(fake candles). With the development of technology, electronic candles can be almost identical to the candle looks, not only diversified shape, but also diversified functions.

Electronic candles, also known as flameless candles \ battery candles, are the perfect combination of functionality and artistry, and are also beautiful art pieces that can be used in a variety of candle holders. Electronic candles are usually made of paraffin wax or plastic. The appearance made of paraffin wax will look more realistic and more like traditional candles than plastic, while plastic electronic candles can be made with an additional waterproof function.

Advantages of LED candles:

1. simulating the flashing method of a real flame, soft and realistic, with a strong sense of atmosphere.

2. no open flame, energy-saving safety and environmental protection, can be placed at will.

3. no smoke, no odor, no pollution.

When holding birthday parties, family dinners, various holiday events, you can use electronic flameless candle decoration, you can imagine, in the dining table, walls, table tops placed your favorite electronic candles, you and your family and friends in the warmth of the candle surrounded by light, without worrying about knocking over the candles and candle light out, do not have to endure the wax candle burning odor, enjoy the warm time together, how wonderful it is! ! Now, in addition to having the same lighting function as candles, electronic candles can also be timed, can use the remote control switch, you can choose whether the candle light flickers (convenient for some people who do not like candles flickering and flickering effect of discomfort). Candles have the meaning of hope and blessing, if you are worried about what to give to friends, electronic candles are a good choice.

Life is like a train, someone gets on, someone gets off.The real wax candles are like passers-by in our lives.For environment and safety considerations, electronic candles become our new travel companion.

smtyle-Perfect match for flameless candles and candle holders

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