3x3 Flat Top Flameless Candles

LED candle light is a romantic, moody, warm, and festive atmosphere all in one unique and innovative design, meeting the needs of people from all walks of life for household items. It is suitable for various holidays and birthday parties and can be used as gifts and promotional items. Nowadays, more and more people use electronic candles because they are not only environmentally friendly and realistic but also avoid the safety hazards brought by traditional candles.

Our 3x3 flat-top electronic pillar candles always look freshly used and new from any angle. As seen above, this 3x3 white flat-top candle features a 3D wick, with a flat top pillar candle body and wax exterior, making it more realistic. At night, it looks almost exactly like a real candle, and at gatherings, your guests might be fooled into thinking it's a real candle, proving you've bought a good product, adding fun and enjoyment.

In addition to being realistic, this flameless candle can be controlled by a remote, has a timer function, and adjustable brightness. Importantly, it can use regular batteries, so if you dislike the expensive and short-lived flat CR batteries used in small candles, this flickering candle is very suitable and affordable in its category.

If you are looking for a flat-top electronic candle with a timer, brightness adjustment, and realistic appearance, this one is well worth considering.

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