How to Make DIY Candle Holders from Everyday Items

DIY candle holders are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your home decor. You can create unique and stylish pieces using everyday items. Here are some ideas on how to make DIY candle holders that fit into various decor styles, including dark academia, modern, and rustic themes.
Dark Academia Decor: Book-Inspired Candle Holders
Dark academia decor emphasizes a scholarly and vintage aesthetic. To create a candle holder that fits this theme, you can use old books. Stack a few books, and place a metal candle holder on top. This creates a classic, intellectual vibe perfect for a study or library.
Metal Candle Holder from Kitchen Items
Metal candle holders are sleek and modern. You can create one using a metal funnel or a tin can. Clean the item thoroughly, and spray paint it in your desired color. Add a candle, and you have a stylish, modern piece that looks great on any table or fireplace decoration.
Hurricane Candle Holder from Glass Jars
Glass jars can be transformed into beautiful hurricane candle holders. Clean a large glass jar, and decorate it with ribbons, twine, or paint. Place a pillar candle inside for a simple yet elegant look. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.
A DIY hurricane candle holder made from a glass jar. The jar is decorated with rustic twine wrapped around its neck, with a large pillar candle inside. The candle is lit, casting a warm glow. The jar is placed on a wooden surface with additional decorative elements like small pebbles and leaves around it, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Rustic Pillar Candle Holder
For a rustic look, use a piece of driftwood or a small log. Drill a hole that fits a pillar candle, and sand the wood to avoid splinters. This natural element can be a stunning addition to any home, especially when grouped in a set of three pillar candles.
Black Candle Holder from Wine Bottles
Wine bottles can be repurposed into elegant black candle holders. Clean the bottle, remove the label, and spray paint it black. Insert a taper candle, and you have a chic and unique candle holder that works well for both everyday decor and special occasions.
By using everyday items creatively, you can craft beautiful and functional candle holders that enhance your home decor. Whether your style is dark academia, modern, or rustic, these DIY projects offer a fun and cost-effective way to personalize your space.
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