Heart Shaped Candle Holder

Candles have existed as early as 3000 BC, and with them came candelabras for a better display of candlelight. As society developed, candle holders could be made of any material—gold, silver, copper, iron, or crystal—and became more diverse and beautiful in terms of shapes, even serving as decorative objects.

We recommend a unique candle holder—the heart-shaped electrocardiogram candle holder. It has a plate on each side to hold a candle, symbolizing two people meeting and falling in love, creating a warm atmosphere. The electrocardiogram represents love, and the candles represent two people, symbolizing the collision of love. The base of this candelabra is a rectangular iron block, thick enough to support the weight of the candles and ensure stability. Assembly is very simple and takes only one minute.

You can use this candle holder during a candlelight dinner, or place it on the fireplace mantel and add some other decorations next to it, creating a beautiful display.

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