Dress Up Your Living Room

The living room is a place for greeting and seeing off guests, so it should feel comfortable and inviting. Choose decorations according to your personal preferences: colorful, carved, decorative, or simple. Candles with strong decorative features, complex colors, or patterns are more suitable for traditional decor and may seem out of place in a minimalist and elegant setting. Use slender taper candles or thick pillar LED flameless candles to draw attention to the wall. Here, you can see the effect of pillar candles with a wall-mounted candle holder.

This is an arrow-shaped metal candle holder with a candle plate. A pillar candle with a diameter of about 7.6 cm can be placed on the plate. It’s easy to fix the candle holder to the wall with a non-trace nail, which won’t damage the wall. Made of cast wrought iron, the holder is durable and scratch-resistant. It’s an excellent item for wall decoration, bringing more fashion to your living room. We offer different wall-mounted candle sconces for you to choose from; let’s look at this one.

Doesn’t it look more fashionable? We use traditional Chinese pattern design, integrating Chinese elements into the candle holder. Pure white walls pair nicely with black candle holders, but the holders come in optional colors like black, red, dark green, and light green. Custom colors are also available to meet your specific requirements. Place some LED flameless candles to enhance the beauty of the hall. These candles are smokeless and environmentally friendly, operating with just two AA batteries. Various colors and sizes of LED candles can be placed on the desk to draw attention.

You can also place a glassware with floating candles on a lower plane. The shimmering water surface with floating candles, like bean candles, creates a captivating beauty. Mix and match different candles to decorate the lobby, such as pillar LED candles, taper candles, and floating tealight candles. The aim is to make the space look more spacious, bright, and emotional. Create unique decoration designs according to your preferences, achieving the style you truly want. While LED candles and candle holders bring joy, they also bring good wishes. They symbolize a bright future, like a lighthouse guiding us forward.

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